What is Bullying?


Types of Bullying


Where and When Bullying Happens


Frequency of Bullying


Anti-Bullying Laws & Policies

What are the Texas state laws that cover bullying?

Tiny Url Pages Resources for Parents File Type
http://ow.ly/uhiEm 8 A Framework for School-Wide Bullying Prevention and Safety pdf
http://ow.ly/uhDrm 5 Cyberbullying? Identification,?Prevention,?and?Response pdf
http://ow.ly/uhDwB 15 Bullying Policy for the Anytown School District School Board pdf
http://ow.ly/uhDGe 2 Example of School District Bullying Policy pdf
http://ow.ly/uhDMe 3 Bullies and Victims: A Primer forParents pdf
http://ow.ly/uhE5B N/A National Suicide Prevention Lifeline web

From the Texas Education Agency

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years old.

I pledge to never bully. I will tell an adult if I see someone being teased or hurt. I choose to Step Up & Stop Bullying starting today! #notinmytown

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