30 year sentence on robbery charge

WACO, TX - A 21-year-old Waco man is already facing a thirty year prison term on an aggravated robbery charge after entering pleas in 19th District Court Thursday.

Eric Brooks was also assessed twenty years on charges of aggravated assault in connection with a shooting that occurred during that robbery.

Court papers show that the robbery occurred March 9, 2016 in the 5900 block of West Waco Drive.

The victim had been in a restaurant and had gotten a phone call from someone wanting to buy a large amount of marijuana and had gone back to his vehicle.

Once there the court papers say he was approached by Brooks and an unnamed juvenile who were on foot.

Both displayed handguns and pointed them at the victim, who then turned and ran.

The victim was shot twice in the back.

Brooks told the investigating officers that he did point a .380 caliber pistol at the victim to scare him but did not fire any live rounds, saying his weapon was not even loaded.

He claimed that it was the juvenile that actually fired the shots.

The indictment against Brooks on the aggravated assault charge specified that he did exhibit a deadly weapon, which can itself amount to assault.

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