Bank inside Bellmead Walmart robbed, robber caught

BELLMEAD, TX - A 63-year-old Waco man was arrested within minutes of the robbery of a bank inside the Bellmead Walmart.

Bellmead Police Department spokesman Kory Martin says officers got the call about a robbery which occurred Thursday morning at 10:37 a.m. at the Chase Bank inside the Walmart on Interstate 35.

The call taker got a description of the suspect, which was broadcast to the responding officers.

One of the Bellmead officers saw someone matching the description as he arrived and immediately took William Juan Bridgewater into custody.

He was not carrying any weapons, but was found to be carrying $7,004 in cash - which was the exact amount taken in the robbery.

Chase Bank employees told officers the robber had presented them with a hand-written note reading, "This is a robbery! Give me all your money!"

Once he got the money, he left and no one was injured.

Bridgewater was taken to the McLennan County Jail, and the FBI was notified to assist in filing federal charges.

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