Bruceville-Eddy teacher on leave after threat claim

BRUCEVILLE-EDDY, TX - Bruceville-Eddy ISD Superintendent Richard Kilgore has confirmed a high school teacher has been placed on leave pending an investigation into claims the teacher had made a threat against an individual high school student.

The identity of the teacher and the nature of the alleged threat was not released.

Both the school district and the Bruceville Eddy Police Department are investigating.

A statement issued by Superintendent Kilgore stated:" B-E ISD takes any and all threats made by students, faculty and staff very seriously, and we appreciate the Bruceville-Eddy Police Department and all they do to keep the district safe.  This is a personnel matter and no additional statements regarding this issue can be made at this time."

Fox 44 spoke with Bruceville-Eddy police who say at this time they are not looking at this as a threat, but an uncomfortable statement. The Chief was not available Monday to discuss the details. 

Pamela Johansen whose two granddaughters attend the high school says she wants the school leaders to investigate this issue because words do matter.  
She says, "The whole deal should be investigated to determine what exactly it is and if it is a threat to a student I definitely think some action should be taken."

But Johansen wants to know what the teacher exactly said. 

"You know sometimes these things get blown out of proportion," she says. 

She's warning about jumping to any conclusions just yet. 

"We live in a society that people tend to make their own judgments of what is said and they can completely change a story and quite honestly you have to pay attention and make your own decision."

Johansen feels confident that the school leaders will handle this issue properly. 

"I think they will do a good job looking into it figuring it all out. It is a good school it is bunch of nice people up there."

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