DPS Cracking Down On Drunk Driving During Spring Break

KILLEEN, TX - DPS is cracking down on drivers this month - especially those thinking of drinking and driving.

All Nancy Pratt has left are memories of her late daughter. 20-year-old Brianne Pratt's life was cut short in December 2013. 

"A drunk driver hit her straight on. It crushed the front and rolled over her car," Nancy said. 

The drunk driver walked away, but Brianne died at the scene. 

"It was needless. This wasn't his first time drinking and driving. It was his third. He's in prison right now, but he's only serving 14 years," Nancy said. 

The Texas Department of Public Safety wants to keep crashes like Brianne's from happening.

Spring Break can be a dangerous time on Texas roadways. This is why extra DPS troopers are watching for speeders, seat-belt violators and drunk drivers across the state. 

Nancy is now a volunteer for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and is also encouraging drivers to think smart. 

"They can call a friend to help pick them up. They can call Uber to pick them up. There's so many other ways that they can do it instead of getting drunk and getting in a car. Because they're endangering not only themselves, but a lot of others," Nancy said. 

During Spring Break in 2016, DPS reports there were nearly 500 DUI crashes statewide. 15 of them were fatal.

In fact, over 20 percent of all DUI deaths that year killed drivers between the ages of 21 and 25.

"It can happen to anybody. Anybody. No one is safe from this," Nancy says.  

According to TxDOT, there were nearly 14,000 crashes involving young drivers who were driving drunk in the state in 2017. 

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