Fellow bikers react to fatal motorcycle crash of 24-year-old

TEMPLE, Texas - 24-year-old James Smith was killed while riding his motorcycle on I-35 in Temple at 1:21 Friday morning.

Temple Police say Smith was ejected from his bike and was killed on Impact.

Medical personal arrived from Baylor Scott & White, however Smith was pronounced dead at the scene.

Following the crash, fellow motorcyclists are talking to Fox 44's Sydney Hernandez on how they stay safe on the roads.

"it's a lot harder to get hurt inside of a car then it is inside of a motorcycle, if something hits you in a motorcycle you have nothing to protect you but a jacket and a helmet," said Benjamin Marshburn, a Killeen motorcycle driver,"Please pay attention. We don't want any more deaths on motorcycles."

Marshburn himself has experienced nearly-deadly situations.

"There was the huge truck in the lane next to me and he was coming out making a right turn of south fort hood street and he missed me by five feet and we had a very infuriating discussion after that."

Marshburn isn't the only one concerned about reckless drivers.

Paul Dukich, who sells motorcycles at the Harley-Davidson Dealership in Killeen says he never knows when he's selling the very bike to a driver he may be riding when he dies.

"It hurts because you know what the cause was, which is generally the fact the motorist doesn't see or realize how fast that motorcycle is actually going," said Dukich, "They don't see us because we're small, the only advantage we have is that we're loud."

Investigators are still trying to piece together the details behind Smith's death.

They're asking anyone with information or any witnesses to the crash to come forward at 254-298-5500.

An autopsy has been ordered and the Temple Police Department's Accident Reconstruction Squad is continuing it's investigation. 

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