First interactive firearm simulator opens in Hewitt

HEWITT, Texas - A Waco police officer is looking to give people a real life lesson when it comes to using a gun to protect lives. 

"Tac Fight" an interactive firearm simulator, is the first of it's kind in our area. 

You won't be using a real gun, but it will look, sound and even feel like a real hit. 

Edward Williams, owner of Tac Fight is also a Waco police officer and military veteran. 

"You can be able to perform better, you can make the right decisions, and a lot of times without even thinking about it because you've done it so much. It becomes second nature," said Williams. 

This simulation allows police officers and military members to train, but it also allows licensed gun owners a chance to practice under pressure. 

"Robbery, or active shooter, active shooter in schools, active shooter in courtroom settings, active shooter in jails," said Williams. 

Williams says many times people don't realize that all five senses have to be on alert, and that's because pulling the trigger comes with liability. 

"If you pull your gun too quick and it's not a deadly force situation, you're looking at penitentiary time, and then if you don't pull it fast enough when it is a deadly force situation you're looking at now you're in the grave," said Williams. 

Gun fights can last between 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and in that time it's possible to save more than one life. 

Tac Fight is located inside the former Hewitt City Hall building at 105 Tampico Drive. 

Appointments can be booked on the Tac Fight website, Facebook or by calling 254-498-6890. 

Prices: $24 for 30 minutes, $10 per guest or $48 for 60 minutes, $20 per guest. 

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