Flooding Issues Cause Problems For Harker Heights Band Students

HARKER HEIGHTS, TX - Flooding has been a problem for Harker Heights High School band members. Now they say they have had enough. 

Students often have no choice but to lug their instrument through muddy puddles of water. The flooded pathway is the only way to the practice field.

Yet, saxophone player Judson Hayden finds ways to get around it. 

"I try to make it work. There's a curb there," Hayden said. "It's gets pretty frustrating. Especially when we're carting out marimbas and big electronic equipment."  

In addition to damaging rolling equipment, band director David Norris says it's become a dangerous cross way for students. 

"It's very very slick. So they get into that mud, and they come on the field, and they're slipping and falling down. I've actually had students who have fallen in the past and have hurt their knees to the point where they couldn't participate their senior year of high school," Norris said. 

The pathway isn't the only problem. The water has eaten away at the practice field's asphalt surface. 

Norris says when it rains, the water starts from the top of the hill and drains all the way into the practice field - creating a large puddle. 

Harker Heights school administrators are asking the Killeen school board to take $5,000 out of their budget to hire an engineer to find a solution. 

"They're going to have to rework this entire area out here to address the problem with the drainage itself as it comes down the hill into this area to address the problem of the sloping of the field," Norris said.  

Hayden just wants an easier way to practice his passion. 

"This is been a problem since I joined band, really. It's great to see people actually coming out to take action and solve these problems," Hayden said. 

The Killeen ISD school board is expected to vote on this proposal on March 6.  

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