Free parking at Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport is draining their revenue

KILLEEN, Texas - The Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport is losing hundreds of thousands of dollars and says almost half of this is due to the free parking.

The grand total was $300,000 in 2017. Now City Council must decide how to stop the loss of money.

At the airport, there are 23 ways to park for free as long as you want. Many of them have to do with military service.

But now that Delta Airlines has flown away, those free parking spots mean more lost money for the airport.

"Their money does not come of the general fund [or] tax dollars. They operate within their service they provide, so it's strictly user-free service, " says Killeen District Three City Councilman/Mayor Pro Tem Jim Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick says he knows the airport needs a solution.

"It's all about what can work and be the fairness for all the citizens of the city," Kilpatrick explains.

They are looking at five different options to improve the revenue.

"One of those is remain just how we are right now. If that's the case, that lost revenue [of] $308,000 in 2018 will have to come from the general fund - a portion of that," Kilpatrick says.

A second one is raising the parking fees by non-exempt citizens.

"We have an option to not honor all 23, but certainly honor the original five," Kilpatrick says.

Another method is limiting the time someone parks in a spot freely.

"We must have an airport if we are going to develop economically. And so, we can't expect a small segment of our society to pay for the non-expected benefits of some," Kilpatrick adds.

The councilmen did have a meeting on Tuesday, and will have another meeting this Tuesday - hoping to make a decision soon on what needs to be done.

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