Ft. Hood Police Warn Soldiers About Motorcycle Thefts

KILLEEN, TX - Fort Hood Police are warning motorcycle owners after several Harley-Davidson models have been reported stolen on the base.

Officers believe the thefts are being driven by upcoming events, such as two large-scale motorcycle swap meets where bikes are likely traded for cash. 

Finley Gambrel is the owner of All Makes Cycle Repair, and he is seeing things first-hand. 

"People have a false sense of security. They think it can't be stolen," Gambrel said.  

More and more of his customers are falling victim to motorcycle theft. 

"Primarily what we've seen are the Harley touring platform bikes - seems to be what keeps coming up missing," Gambrel said. 

Fort Hood Police also believe thieves are getting away with license plates so owners can't report it.

However, there are ways to avoid becoming a victim. According to Gambrel, one is locking your ignition and taking your keys with you. 

"If the key FOB is present, it's very easy. You just turn it on and start the engine. It's quite easy to take," Gambrel said.  

Another is setting up a password for your engine. On newer modeled Harley's, Gambrel says it's easy for thieves to figure out the pin number if the owner doesn't change their factory settings. 

"If you know the code or can approximate that code, then you're going to be able to start the bike," Gambrel said.  

Fort Hood Police are investigating the incidents and keeping a look out for suspicious activity. If you have any information, you're encouraged to call police. 

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