TEMPLE, TX - The family and friends of Kaitlyn and Patrick Oliver came to say goodbye at the funeral Saturday at Temple Bible Church. 

The father and daughter died from their injuries following a horrific boating accident last month at Lake Belton. 

Jason Bernall, the driver of the boat now faces two counts of negligent homicide. 

At the funeral, the loved ones shared the memories and viewed the photos of Patrick and Kaitlyn. 

Gene Sneed Jr. was at the lake that tragic day and tried to help the frantic mother. 

Sneed says, " It is sad, you know there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about it. I can't even imagine how she feels, her whole world is just gone."

He says this incident changed him forever. 

"I don't take it for granted I know at any minute it can be taken away, and when things like that happen it reminds you you know that it is not guaranteed."

The owner of the funeral home Jarrah Crotty says she and her mother, co-owner covered the cost for the father and the daughter. 

Crotty says, "My first thought was we got it we will take care of it, it could have been my son, you know we are at the lake every weekend, it could have been my son too so I would hope that the community would come for me too as the community came through for them."

After the funeral, the loved ones released pink balloons for the little girl and blue ones for her father. 

The family still has to pay for medical bills and has a GoFundMe account. 

So far, they raised more than $77,000.

If you wish to help by donating for this account, click here. 

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