Hail damages Eddy man's home

EDDY, TX - One Eddy man is upset over what those storms did to his home Saturday.

Larry Young is about to move in with his parents who live in a trailer at Bluebonnet Ridge. 

While he and his parents weren't home, the storm damaged their trailer and car. 

The hail and wind even ripped apart his neighbor's car port and tossed it feet away. 

Luckily no one was injured. 

Young was not at home at that time but describes what neighbors heard and told him. 

"It was just very intense, very loud, very strong, you could feel the houses kind of moving," says Young.  

Young says the flat countryside is to blame for severe storms ripping apart homes.

"We've had some pretty strong storms over the years but this one here was by far the worst we've seen," says Young. 

The strong hail and wind busted the windows on the trailer, damaged the front porch and left holes in the walls.

And we're not talking pea sized hail.

Young says, "At least golf ball maybe tennis ball."

Damages like this make people here believe this was in fact a tornado. 

Blaine Furman with Specialty Restoration in Waco got several calls about hail damage. 

He says severe weather can hit Central Texas anytime but the spring is the peak season. 

Furman credits the homeowners' insurance for saving people money. 

"At minimum you are talking about roof replacement and for the average size house in Waco area you are looking at $9- $10,000."

Young's trailer is insured but he's still looking at a pricey repair. 

"We are just thankful that the house is intact," says Young. 


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