Human trafficking victims found in massage parlor raid

WACO, Texas - The McLennan County Sheriff's Office says two human trafficking victims were taken from a massage parlor following a search warrant being conducted.

The warrant was served on Wednesday at a parlor located on Lake Air Drive. 

The UnBound organization says they are helping the victims with resources and programs to restart their lives. 

Director of Survivor Advocacy Jessica Foran says more of these massage parlors will keep popping up until the demand for sex services stops. 

"Thankfully, our sheriff's department does everything they can to stop that from happening here," Foran says. "But yet because of the demand for services and buying sex, that's why they are still popping up and thriving."

Foran says the victims are in a safe place, and they are able to take back control of their lives with the resources they are given. 

UnBound has helped 25 victims of human trafficking so far this year. They helped out 51 victims last year, and 19 in 2016. The organization says the numbers seem to be doubling each year. 

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