Joint primary election without technical issues

MCLENNAN CO, TX - Thousands of voters hitting the booths Tuesday for Central Texas's primary election.

Plenty of big races drawing a lot of attention.

But one woman who doesn't want any attention today --  McLennan County Elections Administrator Kathy Van Wolfe.

Who - two years ago - was at the center of a voting problem storm that included incorrect ballots and poorly trained staff.

But Tuesday she told Fox 44 the voters in this county can confidently vote knowing there won't be any technical issues thanks to the switch from manual to automated ballots and better trained staff. 

She says, "We are very, very happy with the people we got here and some of those people were last minute call in fact last night we were still looking for some clerks and some of the judges."

Van Wolfe says all of the equipment was diligently tested as well and there have not been any technical issues in the past two years during different types of elections. 

Jackson Wren voted Tuesday at the First Assembly of God Church in Waco. 

He says, " I had no issues it was really straight forward walking in. I knew exactly what to do. People were professional telling me how to vote."

His brother Eric was happy to use an automated ballot.

He says, "It seemed pretty smooth, I went to the open booth and there were no hiccups at all."

But he thinks it is hard for older voters to make that switch. "If I were older and had been used to voting a different way I'd probably be a little confused."
The brothers were glad they could vote at any of the locations. 

Eric Wren says, "I think that it is so much more convenient way, more convenient cause I thought at first I would have to go to this one which might have had a longer lines."

They encourage everyone to get interested in the local politics. 

"It is fun to figure out who you want to vote for," said Wren.

You can still hit the voting polls till 7 pm at any of the 33 locations in the county. 

For locations and details go to www.mclennanvotes.com


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