Kids rescued, 4 arrested over filth in Mart house

MART,TX - Four people were arrested and three children taken into CPS custody after what were described as deplorable conditions were found in a house in Mart.

Police  found a yard full of trash and a house full of dog feces, along with sunburned children who themselves were contaminated with dog feces.

Mart police say the investigation began July 11 when they got a complaint from neighbors about a house at 512 East Bowie Street that had become an eye sore.

The resident complained of the smell coming from the house, trash piled in the yard, a molded pool and empty alcohol bottles and beer cans strewn around the yard.

That day police went to the house and the officer spoke with a man identified as 62-year-old Doyle Cross, telling him there had been complaints about the conditions around the house and that they had ten days to clean it all up.

He also submitted a report to CPS, which then sent  case workers to check on the welfare of the children in the house.

When they were denied entry, they called police back to the scene who were also told they would not find out any more without a warrant.

That man, identified as Doyle Cross was taken into custody.

Another man identified as 24 year old Darious Johnson came out of the house saying he lived there with his daughter and would also not let officers in.

Police said they heard children crying and at that point entered the house.

The police report indicated that Chief Cardenas and Officer Willett went into the house and came out with three children, ages 2,2 and 1.

The children variously had saggy diapers, had sunburn blisters on their shoulders and had dog feces in their hair.

Officers described the condition of the home as "nauseating", with officers gagging at the smell when they entered.

They noted dog feces on the furniture, beds and floors.

There were at least four dogs in the house, with two being taken to shelters, with two running away.

CPS caseworkers cleaned the children off with wipes before taking them away, saying they would be removed from the parents because of the conditions.

Arrested and charged with child endangerment were  62-year-old Doyle Wayne Cross,  24-year-old Jana Cara Fisher, 24-year-old Darious Johnson and 23-year-old Wesley Wayne Stanford.

All were taken to the McLennan County Jail.

Neighbors noted that the occupants of the house had only been there three or four months.

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