Lions pool concession stand hit by burglars

ROBINSON, TX - Robinson police are looking for those responsible for a break in at the Lions Pool concession stand where a large amount of candy and drinks were taken, but not without some injury to those involved.

Robinson police say burglars had to get over a chain link fence topped with three runs of barbed wire before they broke out a window to get into the building some time late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.

Police say at least one of those involved was apparently cut on the broken glass in the window because blood was found beneath the window on the floor.

Police say that complete boxes of several kinds of candy along with ice cream and sports drinks were taken.

There was evidence that the cash drawer was opened and rummaged through,  but all of the money had been removed at closing time Tuesday night.

The break in was discovered about 9:00 a.m. Wednesday.

Robinson police are asking that anyone who might have seen something suspicious or who might know about the break in call them at 254-662-0525


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