Local parents react to Nassar investigation

Waco, Texas - Two senators announced a new push to investigate the U.S. Olympic committee and USA Gymnastics on Wednesday over their failure to spot and prevent the documented abuse by former team doctor Larry Nassar.

Now local parents remain hesitant about their kids' safety at practice.

"Think that's probably a parent's worst nightmare. There's just so much evil," says mother Brandy Battistella.

Brandy has a daughter who is a gymnast. She says the news coverage about Larry Nassar is shocking.

"As a mom, to hear about it - I am heartbroken," Brandy says. "I'm heartbroken for those girls that they had to go through something so horrific."

Her daughter has been competing in gymnastics for the last few years.

"As a child, she was shocked that anything like that could go on because children grow up learning to trust adults and especially doctors," Brandy says.

Owners of the Texas Dynasty Gymnastic and Cheer Gym say the Nassar case has made them reinforce policies already put in place.

"When we have just the one-on-one coach time, it's always been a policy of ours to have at least have one other adult in the gym at that time," says co-owner Daniel Saenz.

Saenz says these policies apply to everyone.

"So now everyone has to be background checked and gone through about 14 hours worth of in-house training, as well as other trainings from different organizations," Saenz says.

Amanda Compo is a mother and a gymnastics coach.

"I would hate for this to put up put a black-eye on the sport, and I know that it has. But talk to your kids and look at the program where your kid is attending, and see what kind of safeguards they put in place," she says.

"I think unfortunately because of the world we live in, we have to have these difficult conversations with our children," Brandy says.

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