Military Wives Weigh In On Pay Increase

BELTON, TX - President Donald Trump's signature approved a 2.4 percent raise for military members, yet it's upsetting for some. 

The average soldier makes a salary of a little more than $29,000 annually. This is just about $700 extra a year. 

"Last year, I brought more home than he did. We wouldn't be able to have the life that we did if I didn't work," says military wife Ally Craig.  

Craig makes ends meet working as a hairstylist at Be-You-Tiful salon in Belton. Manager Yami Osorio can relate.

"I started working a week after I arrived. I wasn't even done unpacking, and I was already at work because I knew financially we weren't going to be able to provide for our family," Osorio said.  

Both of their husbands are actively serving. 

"They're gone 90 percent of the time, and our daughter doesn't understand why. And when it doesn't even make an impact on our bills, it's even harder to swallow," Craig said. 

Craig and Osorio agree an extra $700 annually is not enough. 

"Any pay raise is a good pay raise, I guess you could say. Do I feel like we deserve more? Especially. Not only for the sacrifice that the military member does, but also his family. I do. I feel like we deserve a lot more," Osorio said.  

"Military in general deserves more. They deserve more respect, and they deserve more money just because they're gone so much and they work so hard. Long, long days. 14 hour days is a short day for most of them," Craig said.

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