New transition home for veterans thanks to anonymous donor

WACO, TX - Veterans One Stop is building a new transition home for veterans and their families thanks to an anonymous donor who also happens to be a veteran. 

The donor who is currently deployed teamed up with Style Crafts Home company to build this house. 

The newly built home will be located near Mersanger Way and S. University Parks Dr. 

The house will serve as a temporary home for an eligible veteran with a family for a few months, while they are receiving the services from Veterans One Stop. 

Veterans One Stop director DeLisa Russell says, "We are looking for a veteran who has a family, is motivated to make changes or to utilize the services that the Veterans One Stop offers including employment counseling, if there is a behavioral health need."

The donor wishes to remain anonymous but Russell says he " knew the importance of not just taking care of the veteran but a veteran with a family, that he felt like he was walking the walk and in his words, doing what God had led him to do by helping the One Stop."

Tina Tillert, the U.S. Army Veteran who served for 13 years says, "I feel as a veteran this is an incredible opportunity, for not only the veteran but their family to get a hand up, not a hand out. "

Tillert says things were rough for her and her late husband when they both got out of the military and she only wishes she had this opportunity when she needed it. 

Tillert is excited about this new home but says others need it more than her that is why she is not applying for it. 

The new three bedroom, two bath house is expected to be finished by November. 

The application process starts in August. 

For details click here. 


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