Police beefing up security for busy Waco weekend

WACO, Texas - More police officers patrolling in and around downtown Waco as thousands of visitors pour in this weekend. 

On and off-duty officers will be working, as well as some undercover. 

"I've seen a ton of police officers here, when you are walking through the crowds, they will just kind of be walking along with you," said Mary Edwards, Baylor student from North Carolina visiting the Spring at the Silos. 

At least thirty events are taking place in or around downtown Waco Saturday. 

"There has been like crazy traffic downtown, so tha tis a little frustrating because you know, people are probably on their gps, and don't know where to go," said Haley Morris, Baylor student from Forth Worth visiting the Spring at the Silos. 

Traffic is not expected to die down anytime soon, which is why drivers may notice streets blocked and officers helping pedestrians cross. 

"I've seen a few cars turn down the one way the wrong way and I have to kind of honk my horn really loud and make sure they turn back around," said Edwards. 

Police say they have a plan and are ready to respond to anything that could go wrong, putting multiple agencies like ambulance service and fire fighters on standby. 

"They are definitely doing a great job of making sure it's fully staffed," said Margaret Hallock, Baylor student from Tennessee. 

The Food Truck Showdown event coordinator says they are expecting more than 25,000 visitors, that's more than last year. 


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