UPDATE: Shooting on Speight Ave in Waco

Officer has shot and killed a suspect

WACO, TX - UPDATE: Family members have identified the man killed on Speight Avenue as Kenneth Warren Resendez.

The incident was witnessed by Resendez's uncle, James Yoder, who says his nephew had no history of drug use and was extremely stressed out about not seeing his kids and being jobless. He says this frustration hit a boiling point on Friday.

Yoder confirms the officers account Resendez became so aggressive, and his father fired shots in self-defense. This is when Resendez turned the knife on officers.

"That's when the officer shot him in the chest," Yoder says. "He stumbled back, and then Kenneth came after them again. That's when the cop shot him in the head."

According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Resendez has a troubled history. He was sentenced to five years in prison when accused of choking his daughter in July 2016. He was paroled in 2017, until 2020.

The family believes a history of seizures could have been a factor in his behavior, but are waiting for the autopsy.

Below is the previous text from this story: 

Waco police say an officer shot and killed a man he believed was holding family members hostage with a knife.

The man has died, and the rest of the family is okay.

Police got the first call around 8:30 am on Friday, about a man who was "freaking out" in a home in the 3800 block of Speight Avenue.

Sgt. Patrick Swanton says officers found the man in the house with a knife, threatening family members. Another person in the home picked up a gun to defend the family. Swanton says this person fired at least once to fend off the man with the knife before officers got to the home.

Officers told the man with a knife to put it down, and Swanton says when he did not, an officer shot him.

Swanton says there is a history of confrontations between the suspect and the family at the house.

As is standard operating procedure, the officer will be placed on administrative leave.

Jo Mann, who lives just down the street from the house says, "I pray to God that he will give them some peace. It is very sad to me because they are going through a lot."

Mann says she knows Resendez's father who she claims is a pastor at Amazing Grace Ministries. She says, "He had one son that was going through some problems because we've been praying about that."

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