Some Waco shipping centers changing package drop off procedures

WACO, Texas - Mail Plus in Waco takes pride being the only independent shipping center operating like a post office. 

Owner Sharon Eads says they have been at the Franklin Avenue location for years. 

Mail Plus has mail box rentals, and they give their customers the option of sending or receiving mail from carriers like DHL, FedEx and UPS. 

Eads says they see at least 40 packages a day get dropped off, and since the package explosions in and around Austin, procedures are now different. 

Employees say they always search the box for red flags before touching it. 

"I'm looking for certain things just to make sure that it's on there properly," Eads says. 

Every package gets verified by a phone call or even a Google search. 

"There needs to be that return address. It needs to be legitimate," Eads says. 

If the labeling is not from a familiar place, employees will question the customer. 

Mail Plus employees say they double check everything they package, too. 

"I want to know what is in the that box," Eads says. 

They are not asking people to open boxes yet, but they are making sure what goes inside is safe for everyone.

"Most of the time it's clothing or gifts of some sort, but if I feel uncomfortable, I will ask," Eads says. 

So far, Mail Plus has not had to call police about any suspicious packages.

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