Start Up Waco program to help new business owners

WACO, Texas - A new program coming to town will help new entrepreneurs get started in Waco. 

The Start Up Waco project gives business owners a place to call their second home while they work. 

"It's very popular in a lot of communities," said Melett Harrison, Director of Housing and Economic Development. 

With many people moving to and visiting Waco city leaders, Baylor administrators and others think this project is a good way to keep people around. 

"Its really to help energize the start up community for new businesses in the downtown area and also across the community," said Harrison. 

The Start Up project lending office space to new business owners.

"It will also have some staff that are experts in the field really that will help Start Up happen," said Harrison. 

Organizers say this idea is for everyone, it doesn't matter what type of business you are running, the office space will be ready for you. 

"Furniture, workspace equipment, WiFi, the renovations that they need to make it a true co working space," said Harrison. 

Organizers are hoping to open the doors at Start Up Waco sometime this year. 

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