Temple murder rate in 2018 surpasses 2017

TEMPLE, TX - While Temple Police investigate the double murder at the O'Reilly Auto Parts shop, FOX44 asked about the murder rate in the city. 

Ellen Morton, with the Temple Police Department, says since the beginning of 2018, there have been more murders in the city than all of 2017. 

Morton says, "This year in 2018, we are already above the murder rate for 2017. Last year, we had five murders. And this year, we have already had six. For 2018, we have two females who lost their lives and four males."

Police are reassuring the public these murders are not connected. 

Morton says, "The two double homicides that we've had in March  - March 3 and March 14 - were unrelated to each other and to anything else that we've had this year."

For details about the double murder, you can click here. 

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