Ten-year-old attempts suicide due to bullying

WACO, Texas - A local mother says her ten-year-old daughter tried to end her own life last weekend. 

London Moore claims the actions stem from endless bullying her daughter has faced at a local elementary school.

"She's only ten. This is something that shouldn't even have to cross her mind," London says.

Ajoyia Moore is in recovery at a local hospital after her mother says bullying led her daughter to harm herself.

London says, "My daughter started dealing with bullying at the beginning of the school year when she was written a letter by a young man telling her to go and do some inappropriate, sexual things. And from then on, I don't know if it was a domino effect - people seeing her being a target."

Moore says she tried talking to school officials and other parents, but it didn't help. On Sunday, February 25, a family afternoon took a turn. 

"She was shacking. She was choking. But she was trying to say she needed some water. Her eyes were bulging and her eyeballs were rolling. I've never seen anything like it. We ended up calling the EMT's, and that's when we had got it out of her that she had taken medication," London said.

Ajoyia took 30 pills that night. Now she wants parents to take a stand to combat bullying, 
and not to always relay on the school system.

"I want other parents to talk to your children. Not saying I didn't, because I did and I acted on what I was being told. But talk to your children. Press them," London says.

According to Stopbullying.gov, it's important to for parents to recognize the warning signs, learn about different types of bullying - and if bullying is occurring at school, learn what your state requires schools to do regarding anti-bullying laws.

London says, "I will not stop. I will campaign after campaign for my daughter and anybody else's child. It will not stop until bullying stops!"

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