Belton Men Honored for Saving Woman's Life

BELTON, TX - Local police honored three Belton men for stepping up to save one woman's life.

David Brallier, Danny Londenberg and Juan Martinez were given medals for their courageous act. 

"Somebody's life was in danger. These three Good Samaritans stepped in and became heroes," says Belton Police Chief Gene Ellis. 

It all started at Confederate Park in early January. Police say the suspect, Nathan Gutierrez, approached the woman just before she got in her car. He was attempting to rob and kidnap the victim, when Brallier stepped in to help. 

"I heard a lady screaming, and I just reacted. I ran towards the scream, and I saw there was a gentleman getting ready to hurt her," Brallier said. 

Brallier tackled Guttierrez, and Londenberg and Martinez helped hold him down before police arrived. 

"We didn't even think. We just stopped the truck and jumped out," Londenberg said. 

"My concern was for her at the time of the moment. We were willing to do anything to help her," Martinez said.  

While this is a great honor for them, these men don't really consider themselves heroes. 

"I feel like I was anyone else out there doing the right thing," Brallier said. 

"We helped assist in helping her and didn't think about it," Londenberg said.  

"I think we were just there. We were able to help out. That was the main thing. Was making sure she was okay," Martinez said.  

They hope their courage will inspire others to do the same. 

Gutierrez is facing robbery charges. Police say he also has several warrants out of Arizona. 

The woman did not know the suspect.

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