TPD warns residents following two home invasions

TEMPLE, Texas -  

Temple Police are searching for three men they believe are responsible for two separate home invasions that happened over the weekend. 

At 7:31 Friday morning, a homeowner reported to Temple Police Officers that three masked men forced their way into the home while the family slept. 

The assailants demanded items at gunpoint, but quickly left after not finding what they were looking for according to a police report. 

Then at 7:40 Sunday morning, officers were called to another home on the 300 block of S. 24th Street in response to three masked men who forced their way inside a home and demanded items. 

All they got away with was a cell phone, but officers say the homeowner's boyfriend who was asleep at home at the time was assaulted with a handgun. 

It's unclear whether the two home invasions are connected, but Detectives say both incidents are still under investigation. 

Now, officers want the public to know how to act if you're ever in that situation.

"It's important to have an escape plan, if you're able to get out of your house do so, go to a neighbors house or somewhere safe also have your cell phone and keys near you so you can activate your car alarm and it might scare them off," said Jeffrey Smith, Temple Police Property Crimes Detective, "If you have the phone next to the bed or close to you, you can call 911 fast."

Officers also say get a good description of the suspects so there's a higher chance of catching them. 

"Don't try and fight them unless you need to, let them take what they want because your property is not worth you life but if you have to defend yourself do so, but if you have a weapon available please make sure you know how to use it properly and don't fire it randomly because you don't want to shoot someone by accident," said Smith. 

In The State of Texas, if someone trespasses inside your property officers say you have every right to protect yourself. 

"If your life is being threatened, definitely defend yourself other wise try and get out and let the police handle the situation," said Smith. 

Temple Police do not believe any specific neighborhoods or people are being targeted. 

"There are no specific patterns that we've been seeing, it's been random, so be sure to lock your doors," said Smith. 

If you have any information about the recent Temple home invasions, call Temple Police at (254) 298-5500

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