Two incidents on TSTC in four days raise questions

LACY LAKEVIEW, TX - Texas State Technical College Police are investigating after students say they heard gunshots near the entrance of campus on Crest Drive.

The first call came in around 10:00 p.m. on Monday. There are no injuries or reports of damage, but this is the second incident on campus in just a few short days.

The college says they are not related in any way.

This is Travis Kilcoyne's first year at TSTC, and he commutes from out of town.

"Honestly, it was surprising. I wasn't really expecting it," Kilcoyne explains.

But whenever he's on campus...

"Am I worried for my safety? No, not really," Kilcoyne says.

Fellow student Ricardo Garcia agrees.

"There is a lot of security and a lot of cops driving around, so I feel relatively safe. It's crazy. I just live right down the road right there. I have a baby and another one on the way," Garcia says.

After an attempted burglary last Friday, which led to three arrests, and now shots fired on campus, TSTC Provost Adam Hutchinson wants students to know there is no threat on campus.

"I would say the most important thing to us is, obviously, is the safety of our students. And the people that work and live here - both on campus residents and those who commute to campus. Our employees, the surrounding communities - Bellmead and Lacy Lakeview," Hutchinson explains.

Hutchinson also says the two incidents were not connected. TSTC has a full-time police department monitoring the campus 24/7.

"We had a three-minute response time from the police department from the time we got the call, and we were able to engage the suspects and actually apprehend them almost immediately," Hutchinson says.

Like many colleges today, TSTC has an emergency notification system to warn students if anything happens on campus.

Hutchinson explains "After the incident we sent out communication to all the employees on campus they been notified we know something happened, we gave them an update on what happened, we also notified all of the students that we had an incident and its an ongoing investigation."

TSTC also wants to remind students if you do something or hear something call campus police right away. The campus police number is: 254-867-3690.


A TSTC spokesman has confirmed that there were reports of shots being heard fired Monday night near the entrance to the campus.

TSTC police reported getting the call about 10:00 p.m.saying the shots wer near in the area of Crest Drive.

A statement issued by a spokesman said one person claimed to have witnessed shots being fired into the air from an older black car.

There were no reports of injuries and no property damage was reported.

The incident remains under investigation, but a TSTC spokesman said " no ongoing threat to the campus community was perceived."

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