Victim in Maggie Drive shooting dies

KILLEEN, TX - A fight which turned into an attempted theft between two Killeen men left one dead and the shooter at home, uncharged.

This happened on Maggie Drive in Killeen on Wednesday, and now the trigger man says it was all in self-defense.

The man who is still home and back working at his self-owned welding business says when fearing for his life, his wife's life and their unborn son's life, he had to do what he had to do.

"So that's what he gets for coming to my house," one homeowner says.

This homeowner describes what led up to a shooting on the 4400 block of Maggie Drive in Killeen as "unapologetic". This resulted in another man's death.

"And every old mean biker I've ever met, if they come into your home and they attack you and your home, it's because they're gonna kill you or hurt you bad enough for you can't stop them from stealing your (EXPLETIVE).''

The homeowner, who did not want to be on camera, says it all started when the man, an acquaintance of his and someone he used to fix motorcycles for came to his home to try to steal his tools.

"The day before, he showed up with a friend of his who he said they hung out with the road - it's together or something. Asked me about my tools, and I said 'Well, you can't have my tools." He came back the next day by himself, and I invited him in to tell him he just wasn't welcome here. And I really didn't have a big problem with him. I don't really like him, he knows I don't like him," the homeowner says.

Then the homeowner told the man to leave.

"He hit me a couple times, and I shot him," the homeowner says.

According to the Killeen Police Department, the homeowner shot the other man after the two got in an argument which turned violent. Police didn't say how the wounded man got to the hospital, but said he died just a few hours after the altercation.

"He should've made better choices. That's what it means to me," the homeowner says.

He also says he didn't want it to turn violent, and apologized to the man's wife and nephew.

This shooting is still under investigation by police.


Killeen police report that the city's latest shooting victim has died.

Police say the victim of a shooting that occurred Wednesday afternoon in the 4400 block of Maggie Drive was pronounced dead at 4:10 p.m. Wednesday after being taken to Metroplex Hospital.

Police were called to the home on Maggie Drive at 12:56 p.m. 

When they got there, officers were told that the homeowner and an acquaintance had been involved in an argument that became physical and that during the altercation, the acquaintance was shot.

Police report the incident remains under investigation and there has been no word on charges.

The victim's name was being withheld as of late Thursday morning pending notification of next of kin.

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