Voters get ready for primary election

CENTRAL TX - Many Central Texans are getting ready for the joint primary election this Tuesday. 

According to the Elections Administrator for McLennan County, almost 11,000 people have voted so far. 

The majority has voted for the Republican party. 

Fox 44 spoke with people around Woodway area about what issues matter to them the most and they said - the healthcare, economy and the bathroom bill. 

Stephanie Stewart says, " You have to make time to go vote and it is very important."

She is planning to vote this Tuesday. 

Her biggest concern is the healthcare bill. Stewart says, "Cost is just too expensive for everyday people. Most of our country is comprised of the elderly and so it is very important their Medicare stays strong, it doesn't get taken away."

But the bathroom bill equally matters to Stewart who's worried about her young nieces and nephews. 

"I don't want to be hovering outside of restroom waiting on them being concerned if there is someone in there that should not be."

Mark Long hopes to change the current tax plan. 

"It is a plan that moves a large sum of money from poor and middle class people to the upper class so I am participating in the primary, it was my hope that we can get more equitable approach to the economy," says.

And he's not happy about the gun control either.

Long says, "It is appalling that we would abrogate any sort of approach that would be able to eliminate the kind of violence that we see with guns."

Stewart encourages everyone to take advantage of the right to vote. 

She says, "As a female and a United States citizen I think everyone should make a priority to go out and vote. Our men and women who fought for our freedom they fought for the right to vote."

In Bell County about 13,000 people have voted so far. 



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