Waco church reacts to Trump's accused statement on immigrants from Haiti and Africa

WACO, Texas - Several Central Texas churches have sent people on mission trips to the countries President Trump is accused of disparaging. 

Most church pastors in the Waco area disagree with what President Trump is accused of saying. 

They feel we can always learn something from people outside of the United States. 

Pastor Josh Carney of University Baptist Church has spent time in other countries on mission trips. 

"Before we have an allegiance to our country, we have an allegiance to Jesus. We have brothers and sisters all over the world," Carney said.

And he feels the language President Trump is accused of using is not right. 

"Anything good come out of Africa? Or anything good come out of Haiti? You are gosh darn right something good can come out. Jesus could come out of those places. So we are a little disappointed with the comments," Carney said. 

Carney has spent time in Thailand, and has sent members of UBC to Haiti and African countries which were supposedly the targets of the President's concern. 

"We believe that God loves everybody in the world regardless of where they come from, and everybody and every place is worth redeeming. And so after the earthquake (Haiti) we thought that the best place to share the love of Jesus would be there. To help clean up what was happening," Carney said. 

As part of the bipartisan deal to preserve the DACA program, immigrants from those countries would have been protected - and that is when President Trump is said to have made the controversial comments. 

The President tweeted his defense on Friday, claiming he "Never said anything derogatory about Haitians other than Haiti is, obviously, a very poor and troubled country." Then, "Probably should record future meetings." 

"The Bible says to love thy neighbor and love our strangers, so that's what we are going to tell our people to do," Carney said. 

The pastor at the Bible Way Church in Waco says the President needs to "tone it down", saying immigrants should be embraced by the United States. 

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