Woman turns love of fitness into enterprise

WACO, Texas - A Waco woman obsessed with fitness says she cooks close to 800 meals a week. But they're not all for her - but for her clients.

What started out as a small local gym has, with the addition of a brand new kitchen, grown into three budding enterprises.

It's stacked by the hundreds on tables, with rows of ready-to-eat healthy meals hand-made by one woman and her super-small staff.

"People don’t have time to sit there and count every calorie and protein and carb and fat to make sure they’re on track, so this just makes it so much easier for everyone to stay healthy," says Fuel UP Waco owner Dominique Terrase.

Terrase makes a menu every week, then mashes and plates it. But now she doesn't have to struggle after opening her own first and long-awaited kitchen.

"It is so hard to prep your own meals and know what you’re doing, and to count all your macros. And so, I kind of just took over and made a few meals for some friends. And it kind of took off word of mouth," Terrase says.

The Fuel UP program is Terrase's latest fitness venture.

Josh Waller was one of the first testers, and has lost 70 pounds since joining.

"She told me, 'Hey, I know why you’re not getting results. It’s what you’re eating,'" Waller says. "And so, she told me 'I’m meal prepping for a few people. It’s a beta. I’m seeing if this will work out.' And from there, it’s just turned into this amazing thing."

The Woodway building gives the under 30-year-old room to grow after renting space for the past two years.

"For the longest time, we were actually transferring 800 meals at a time over from our kitchen to our pick-up fridges in Speegleville," Terrase says. "And so, my Tahoe was packed from bottom to top, and it was just every weekend we were having to do that."

The building is built right next to her women's-only gym. Terrase is focused on fitness and taking over the block.

"Through the meals and the gym, and even the clothing line that I have, everything comes together to help not only the men, but especially women," Terrase says.

The business recently announced they have partnered with Sic 'Em Delivery to offer drop-off services for people who sign up.

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