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UPDATE: Missing Round Rock girls found

ROUND ROCK, Texas - UPDATE: The father of one of the Round Rock girls who was found safe in Colorado is speaking out. 

Greg Griffith lives in Sulphur, Louisiana, and is relieved knowing his daughter Lili is alive and the man accused of kidnapping her, Terry Miles, is in custody. 

Griffith says he didn't know how the kidnapping would end. He says Miles acted inappropriately with Lili when he used to live next door. 

"He knew my daughter for one day or something like that, and then they're hugging," Griffith said.

Griffith says he thinks Miles was stalking his daughter, which is how he ended up living with her, her mother, and half-sister Lulu. 

The father says then he knows Miles' plan could've ended in disaster. 

Greg griffith/father:
"Because he always said, 'I have nothing to lose. This will be the third strike if I screw up again.' And that 'I have nothing to lose, I'll take somebody out with me,'" Griffith explained.

Griffith says he hopes to get custody of Lili and Lulu, but it's still not clear yet where they will go.

Source: KXAN News

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UPDATE: 44-year-old Terry Miles is now charged with kidnapping Lili Griffith and Lulu Bandera-Margaret after their mother was found dead.

Police say Miles' mother received a text from one of the girl's phones around 1:00 a.m. on December 30. 

One of their phones was found in a wooded area close to a Walmart in Round Rock. 

Surveillance video from Walmart shows what appears to be Miles buying items used for camping, and then leaving in the car detailed in the Amber Alert. 

Miles and the two girls were found by Las Animas County deputies near La Veta, Colorado - more than 700 miles away. 

"So at approximately 7.30 p.m. Mountain time, a Los Animas County sheriff, which is right around Trinidad, based off a tip or going off a tip that was received, that the subjects were in that area, went looking for the vehicle, or the subjects, came across those subjects, the vehicle in that area on the roadway, pulled in behind that vehicle, vehicle started driving erratically. He waited for his backup to arrive, initiated a high risk traffic stop, and Terry Miles was taken into custody without incident," says Round Rock Police Department Chief Allen Banks.

Authorities in Texas are now working with Child Protective Services in Colorado to bring the girls home. 

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Two Round Rock girls abducted from Round Rock have been found safe in Colorado, according to Round Rock Police Chief Allen Banks.

The man accused of taking the girls, 44-year-old Terry Miles, is in custody.

In a news conference on Wednesday afternoon, Chief Banks said the tips they have received took his officers and federal agents to Trinidad, Colorado, a town just north of the New Mexico border.

Video from an unnamed local business on Dec. 30 captured Miles, but the video did not show him with the two girls, 7-year-old Lulu Bandera-Margret and 14-year-old Lili Griffith.

The day before Miles was caught on camera, the girls’ mother, Tonya Bates, 44, was found dead inside her home in Round Rock, in what is being investigated as a homicide.

Authorities have not released how she died, but a law enforcement agency in Louisiana told KXAN she was beaten to death, similar to another case Miles was connected to in that state.

Chief Banks, who is expected to speak at 9:45 p.m., wrote in a tweet at 8:58 p.m. Wednesday: “CAUGHT!!! Terry Allen Miles was caught in Colorado without incident. The girls are SAFE!!! Thank God!!!”

Source: KXAN News

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