Baylor Football Opens Spring Practice

Waco, TX - Matt Rhule will open his second spring practice at Baylor on Thursday afternoon.

Rhule and the Bears looking to bounce back from that 1-11 season last year, and Coach Rhule said this time around things feel night-and-day different.

"I would say it's night and day, just because guys know what to expect," Rhule said. "Like we had 5:30 workout the last few days and I usually try to get in at 5:45 and I like to try and be the last one in the building. If I'm the first one here we have a problem, I've been the last one here. Our guys have been unbelievable In terms of their work ethic, in terms of their details. Their attention to being a teammate, so i think that's going to carryover. Not that they weren't trying hard last year it's just the more you know the easier it is, right?"

The Bears will hold their spring game on April 21st at McLane Stadium.

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