Baylor's Montemayor 'The Mayor' of the Late Innings

Waco, TX - With one more save, Baylor closer, Troy Montemayor will have the career record at Baylor with 38.

in 103.1 innings at Baylor Montemayor boasts a 2.53 ERA to go along with his 38 saves. At five-feet eleven-inches and 160 pounds Montemayor might not fit the mold of a prototypical closer, but the confidence he carries with him to the mound makes all the difference for The 'Mayor'.

"He has really good numbers and he finds a way to get it done, there's something to that, that people don't realize," Head Coach Steve Rodriguez said. "He's not 6'5" throwing 98 but he thinks he is and that goes a long way. When you have that kind of confidence going out there, people just feed off that."

Montemayor's teammates can feel his confidence when he takes the mound, and it gives them confidence, as well. Troy said he likes the responsibility of shortening the game, and it continues to skrink as his bullpen-mates get hot at the end of the season.

"If they get us a lead, the game's going to be over, that's my mindset," he said. "That's their mindset when I come on the field. Even when Phil, Hill and D-Rob and Heineman come in -- all those guys -- I think instead of turning it into an 8-inning game like I've turned it in to, we can turn it into a 5-6 inning game if we can get our relievers in there."

Montemayor and the Bears will open the Big 12 Tournament on Wednesday morning against Oklahoma at 9:00am from Oklahoma City.

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