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Marlin Advances to State Title Game

San Antonio, TX - The Marlin Bulldogs advanced to the UIL 3A Girls State Title Game on Thursday with a 59-42 win over Vanderbilt Industrial, in the Alamodome.

The Bulldogs were paced by 21 points from Mystique Womack, but she was more than a scorer on the afternoon, grabbing 10 rebounds and dishing out eight assists.

"I always try to involve the team," she said after the win. "But when I can't score I feel like I can do a little move and dish it because there's always somebody open coming back door or in the corner."

The Lady Bulldogs built a seven point lead after one quarter, a lead that grew to 15 by halftime at 37-22. Coach Lawrence Gullette said that's the way his team likes to play and he thought if they could run Industrial they would wear them down.

"Just looking back on their season and kind of getting a scope of how well they score," he said, "I was telling our ladies, I won't say they're not used to pushing the ball like we do but if we can keep that pace up, that's something we're accustomed to we can do that all day."

Marlin will face Mount Vernon on Saturday morning at 10:00am in San Antonio.

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