No Slowing Down The Lady Bears

Lexington, Kentucky - The Lady Bears will be playing their sixth straight Sweet 16 contest tomorrow against Oregon State.  The game has a 6:00 pm tip-off, and from that moment, the Lady Bears will be in full throttle for 40 minutes.

"They call her rocket now, it's easy to see why because she's super quick," Dekeiya Cohen said.

Cohen referencing to Alexis Morris with the nickname rocket.

"We like to get out in transition but we can also execute in the half-court," Alexis Morris said.

Teams that have a limited rotation, may be inclined to pull back and save their fouls and energy, but under Kim Mulkey, the Lady Bears will never be that team.

"You can't play that way, you can't coach that way, it's not our style," Kim Mulkey said.

"We've got to run and gun. We can't play conservative, We don't have any tme to, I mean what are we saving it for, really? At this point, it's all or nothing," Cohen said.

"If they're going to call it tight, we can't be as aggressive, try and go get those blocks, but if they're going to let us play, then we're going to be more aggressive and not be as conservative," Lauren Cox said.

In Morris's 5 postseason games, she's averaging almost 14.5 points per game, with double figures in 4 of those 5 starts. 

This update on the Lady Bears has been brought to you by Zack's Tire Shack And The Laundry Room.

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