Taylor Young Tenacious at NFL Pro Day

Waco, Texas - Senior linebacker Taylor Young showcased his skills today, even though he is not 100% fully recovered from tearing his quad, and getting his knee scoped.  Young told the media that he is a fighter, and was going to battle any pain he felt during the workout.

Young is tenacious, and it has paid off, as he's already communicated with around 8 teams for a work out.  I asked Young where he got his work ethic from, and this was his response:

"It's just a lifestyle, you know I've been down and out my whole life just how I've been, the underdog, so it is what it is, I just gotta go out there and give it my all, that's pretty much everything I do, so I don't care if its walking my dog, you know, I'm gonna do it 100% you know what I mean, so, that's just how I am," Taylor Young said,

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