A Message from VP/General Manager, Chris Pruitt

KWKT/KYLE and CenTexProud.com are very proud to announce a bold initiative designed to help the communities we serve. It's called the $1 Million Dollar Community Investment.

I'm convinced that the only way we are all going to be successful long-term is if we have a healthy, vibrant community and economy in Central Texas.

This program is designed to help bolster the community, bring awareness to groups that are already doing great things, and expand our community service in addition to the things we have done in the past.

One of the things we do really well is to connect people in need with people with solutions. There are still many of our neighbors in need in Central Texas and they don't always know where to turn for help. Yet, there are already so many existing non-profits and agencies that really can provide the help people need. This program helps to get that word out.

KWKT/KYLE and CenTexProud.com are taking the lead across Central Texas to help the organizations that do so much for our residents. As such, we are inviting area organizations to apply for a portion of the $1 million dollars in the form of "media grants" that are awarded on a regular basis. These grants are in the form of air time, web, awareness, promotion, fund-raising, events, or station partnerships.

We have assembled a team that evaluates the proposals and makes grant determinations on a regular basis. The media grants may be as small as a mention on our Facebook page or promotion of an event, or as large as a multi-platform annual television and digital campaign.

If you feel you fit the parameters to receive a media grant, fill out the application.  We promise to report back on a regular basis as to who has received the grants and how we are living up to our promise. In the meantime, if you have comments or thoughts, please email me at cpruitt@kwkt.com


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