Argument over ATM sends woman to jail

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An argument over who should get first access to an ATM first got loud, then got violent, then led to an arrest in Bellmead on Thursday.

Police report they were called to a location at 1521 North I-35 Access Road with regard to a fight in progress.

When they got there, they found a group of people yelling and a fight underway.

Police separated them all and found that those involved had been trying to get to a drive through ATM near a gas station.

The argument had started over who would get to use the ATM first.

One vehicle was occupied by a 23-year-old man who was driving and who was accompanied by his 21-year-old wife, who were identified as the victims.

The other vehicle was occupied by a 41-year-old passenger and her son, who was driving the vehicle.

During the argument, the woman, identified later as Sonya Camargo Marin, is accused of pulling out a box cutter.

The male victim and Marin’s own son worked together to disarm the woman.

Police say even though disarmed, Marin continued to fight with the female victim.

Emergency medical personnel on the scene treated minor injuries among the participants at the scene but no one went to the hospital.

Marin went to jail charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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