Baylor boat pays tribute to Army soldier


Baylor’s rowing crew has a new boat, as well as a new name for it.

“The Ervin Davis” was donated to the group by a generous family. The name comes from an Army soldier who recently died.

Davis served in World War II as a bazooka gunner, and when he left the military he cut hair at Baylor’s Barber Shop for over 50 years before retiring.

“The fact of the matter is that the World War II veterans that are in this country and around the world are passing away so frequently, and if we cannot learn their stories even by something so simple as having a boat named after them, then how are we supposed to remember the past? How are we supposed to learn and move on, and also remember not to do certain things? So that is what we hope to achieve by having his name on this boat,” says former Corporal U.S. Marine Benjamin Aaron.

Ervin’s identical brother, as well as his family, was present for Friday’s christening.

The crew’s mission is to immortalize Ervin’s heroic deeds both internationally and at Baylor University.

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