Central Texans celebrate Earth Day


April 22nd is Earth Day, and everyone is ready to celebrate! 

This will be a day to help bring awareness and appreciation to protect our environment. And there are many things you can do – save water, recycle or even plant a tree to increase the oxygen in the air.

“I tell people to think of Earth Day as every day,” says Solid Waste Manager Anna Dunbar.

Simply turning off a light when it’s not in use, recycling or picking up litter makes a difference.

“Conservation is a big deal, and people don’t realize even unplugging your things, like if you’re going on vacation for a week, unplug everything. You can save so much money that way,” says Keep Waco Beautiful Executive Director Ashley Millerd.

Millerd says keeping the Earth clean is important because it doesn’t just hurt in the short term, but also in the long run.

“Just treating it better, you know, why would you want to dump trash on something that gives you so much? So we try to do as many cleanups as possible,” Millerd says.

Loose litter can eventually get into the oceans. 

Millerd explains, “You know, as many products as we see floating around, half of them aren’t biodegradable. The styrofoam, the plastic, it takes years and years for those to break down. You need plants, you need mammals, and you need all that stuff, the ocean, to survive in order for us to survive.”

Dunbar says helping the Earth should be something you do everyday.

“Pick up five items, five pieces of litter every day. If every one of us picked up five items of litter, you know, think of how much better our streets would be,” Dunbar explains.

Many items can be recycled.

“In our blue carts they can put metal cans, that’s aluminum and tin cans, any kind of paper, cardboard newspaper, magazines, then plastic bottles and jars. Glass can come here to the Cobbs Recycle Center. Glass bottles and jars,” Dunbar says.

Here is a list of events going on this weekend for Earth Day:

Saturday 4/21 – Keep Waco Beautiful will have its Rainwater Harvesting Class at Circle Hardware! There are still spots available in the afternoon class from 2 PM until 3 PM. The class is $35 and you will receive a barrel, a conversion kit and all kinds of goodies! 

Saturday 4/21 – Friends of Peace will have its fifth annual Earth Day reusable shopping bag distribution from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market, the address is 500 Washington Ave.

Sunday 4/22 – HEB at Valley Mills and I35 will have Earth Day activities and will be giving away bags (as long as they last) from 1 PM until 4 PM. Waco Solid Waste will be promoting recycling and signing up Waco families for a blue curbside cart! Information about other recycling opportunities will be available.  Keep Waco Beautiful will have a kid’s activity in the gardening section for everyone! Come see Waco Solid Waste at the door near the gardening section! 

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