City of Waco about to fix sinkhole


The City of Waco is getting ready to fix the sinkhole on Herring Avenue and N. MLK Jr. Boulevard.

This project sat dormant for several years due to technical difficulties and unsuccessful bidding. The CIty Council has just approved spending close to $3 million to fix the problem. 

One homeowner who lives nearby told FOX44 he is happy about this upcoming project. 

“It is great that the city is about to fix it,” says homeowner Sedrick Hicks. “It’s been a long time coming. When the wind is really bad, it picks up the gas and it brings it over to my house. And when I come outside, it is just very putrid, you know, to endure that.”

Larry Holze, with the City of Waco, explains the odor comes from the sewer line. He blames the Brazos River for the sinkhole.

Holze says the goal is to “pump out that water and keep that water from seeping back in from the river.”

Holze says it has not been easy to find the construction company, and the city won’t just hire anyone for this project.

“Make sure their qualifications are proven that they had experience doing these types of jobs,” says Holze. 

Hicks has some concerns, “As a taxpayer where is the money actually coming from, do they get a grant? Is it federal funds? Is it a type of investment? You know, those are my concerns.”

Holze says everyone in Waco will be paying for the fix through their utility bills.

“Each year for several years, the customers will have a small incremental cost added to that,” says Holze. 

The project is expected to be finished by the fall, and will also mean closing some streets.

Neighboring cities such as Lacy Lakeview and Bellmead share the same sewer system, and are in the process of approving their portion of the repair costs. 

Repairing this sinkhole is part of the overall “Building Waco Project”, which costs about $300 million. 

To learn about what this entire project consists of, you can click here. 

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