College Station PD raising awareness of holiday scams

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The College Station Police Department is reminding people to be aware of scams during the holiday season.

They say many scammers take opportunities during this time of the year to attempt to scam citizens out of their money and/or personal information. Some of the more popular scams used are utility payment scams, warrant scams and jail bond scams.

Warrant scams typically happen when the caller advises there is a warrant for a person’s arrest and payment is demanded to avoid the arrest. Jail bond scams typically happen when a caller advises a close relative has been arrested and payment is required to bond the relative out of jail.

These two are a few examples of recent scams in the College Station community. The department says if someone calls your phone and demands payment for something you are not familiar with, please investigate it first before giving any money or private information.

The department would like to also say if something sounds too good to be true, then more than likely it is. If you happen to receive a phone call involving one of these scams, please notify your local police department to advise them of the incident.

Source: College Station Police Department

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