Cyber Monday attracts online shoppers


The traditional online shopping frenzy of Cyber Monday is almost here.

For the seventh year now millions of Americans will shop online for the hottest deals and discounts.

Cyber Monday let’s you shop from the comfort of your own home – without crowds or traffic.

Fox 44 spoke with customers at Best Buy store in Waco on Sunday about their plans to participate in Cyber Monday. 

Some told us they will shop on Amazon, while others will shop on different websites. 

But they all agree on one thing – online shopping is convenient and stress free.

Cyber Monday starts at midnight so if you want those hottest deals online make sure you have your computers laptops or smartphones ready to go. 

Shopper Jermale Betsuie is excited about Cyber Monday as he loves good deals on electronics. 

He says, “It is awesome, no crowds, no hassles. The convenience of being at home and know what you want already and be able to search reviews and just order it and it shows up at your house.” 

Customers told us the store has a great return policy in case they’re not happy with the product purchased online. 
Betsuie credits Cyber Monday for easing the stress of holiday shopping.

He says, “Everything that we have going on with the family and holidays and everyone visiting and trying to see everybody just having that convenience when you have the time regardless of what time it is, doesn’t have to be business hours.” 

Another shopper Enrique Ramirez explains Amazon is not the only way to shop online. 

He says, “Amazon uses prices actually from the vendor, so it is not a discount, so I just go to the vendor itself.” 

Ramirez says in this day and age shopping online is the way to go. 

He says, “Most people preorder, you can choose and pick up at store if you don’t want to wait like me or you can wait a couple of days and get it delivered home.”

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