Estela Fajardo found guilty of theft


After deliberating for five hours, a jury has found Estela Fajardo guilty of misdemeanor theft.

The jury agreed with prosecutors, who say Fajardo knew the items found in her Robinson home three years ago were stolen.

Fajardo got a year in prison and a $1,000 fine. The verdict came after several days of conflicting testimony.

In closing arguments, prosecutors argued Fajardo bought stolen property from Laderron Henry and Jatramine King and knew it was, in fact, stolen.

They continued saying Fajardo knew what she was doing when she bought the items, and in fact ordered them to get certain items for her to sell at her stores.

They told the jury Fajardo had no receipts for the items found in her home – which they calculated had a combined value of more than $4,000.

Estela testified on Thursday she had only met with Henry and King to buy items twice before the raid – and when prosecutors asked why all the items Henry and King stole during a burglary spree in January 2016 were in her house, Fajardo responded “i don’t know.”

They also argued Sherry Kingrey, a retired Waco detective for 33 years, would not lie about Fajardo – confessing she knew the items were, in fact, stolen. 

The defense argued Fajardo didn’t know Henry and King and didn’t buy from them multiple times – but when she did, she was never told the items were stolen.

They accused Kingrey of lying – saying she had no proof Fajardo confessed she knew the items she had in her house were stolen.

In closing, they told the jury that you can’t convict someone based off of assumptions, and that the prosecutors had no evidence to prove that she is guilty. 

After the judge announced the sentence, FOX44 spoke to District Attorney Evan O’Donnell about the verdict and the attention Fajardo has received.

“I think our victims needed their day in court. I think that obviously, we would have loved to resolve this case a long time ago. If Mrs. Fajardo wanted to accept some responsibility for her actions in this case, that being said, we were going to move forward on the merits of the case,” O’Donnell says.

Now, Estela will face deportation after she spends a year in jail. 

Below is the original text from this story:

​Estela Fajardo has been found guilty of a Class A Misdemeanor of $750 – $2,500.

This comes after closing arguments were presented in this case on Friday. The jury then deliberated for five hours.

Estela took the stand on Thursday afternoon and pleaded not guilty to theft after detectives discovered stolen goods in her Robinson home in 2016.

FOX44 will have more information as it becomes available. For more information, you can view our previous story here.

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