Graduating Seniors attend Job Fair


It’s the age-old question for thousands of seniors, what are you doing after graduation?

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the unemployment rate for high school graduates not enrolled in college is nearly 30%. 

Killeen ISD is hoping to reduce that number by hosting it’s first ever district-wide job fair on Wednesday.

“There’s a lot of opportunities here, so I’m really hoping someone will take me,” said Viviana Primero, Senior at Ellison High School.

“We’re not just training students for graduation, we’re training them for their future, we’re training them for life. And so we kind of wanted to take that next step and not just say ‘here’s your diploma, good luck’ we wanted to actually put them in the pathway of the employers who will take on their training from here,” said Warren Kostencki, Career and Technical Education Program Advisor for Killeen ISD.

Students got the chance to speak with 50 employers from different industries.

“Most families are not aware of all the different possibilities that are out there so when you put all these companies into one building it kind of opens their doors,” said Odalys Vazquez, Manager at the Super Cuts in Copperas Cove.

“I found this job by talking to people that were out there just like this, so it gives them a chance to see everything that’s out there,” said Lauri Bailey with Camp Gladiator.

Exposing students to not only job opportunities, but career opportunities.

“Some of them just don’t want regular ‘ol jobs, they want a career and that’s kind of what we are doing, helping kick start their career in the field that they may want to go into,” said Courtney Proctor, Military Advisor at Vista College.

“It’s just a great event, this is where the rubber meets road for our kids, we’ve trained them, they’re all about to graduate and then they have that fear of what am I going to do next, hopefully we’re calming some of that fear,” added Kostencki.

Organizers hope to make Wednesday’s job fair a yearly event for Killeen ISD graduating seniors.

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