Local pastors offer support to Waco ISD superintendent after arrest


Seven local pastors standing behind Waco ISD Superintendent Dr. Marcus Nelson after his arrest last week.

A DPS trooper arrested the school leader Wednesday night in Robertson County for allegedly having less than two ounces of marijuana, a class B misdemeanor.

“He represents so much, so many hearts, so many people and as human beings we tend to focus on one negative thing when actually all the good outweights that one thing that we don’t even know if he did it or not,” said Pastor Patrick Riley with Ministerios Bethania Waco.

Community pastors, showed their support for the embattled Waco ISD superintendent Monday afternoon.

“Our purpose is to galvenize, rally the community to say to Dr. Nelson, ‘Hey, you do have the community that you serve behind you’ somebody saying ‘hey, you can recover’,” said Pastor Gilbert Gillum, with The Living Word Church of Christ.

Senior Pastor of Carver Park Baptist Church in Waco, Dr. Gaylon Foreman says Dr. Nelson is innocent until proven guilty.

“Until the courts have run their course, and something has been decided, we just believe that we shouldn’t hastely make decisions, that we need to hear the whole story, courts need to be given a chance to review everything and then at that time if a decision needs to be made then that will be the proper time,” said Dr. Foreman.

According to DPS, the trooper who pulled Dr. Nelson over on US 190 said he noticed the smell of marijuana coming from Dr. Nelson’s car.

“Let’s make sure, that we know what actually happened because theres been many cases when we thought we knew but once everything unfolded, we saw a different picture,” said Dr. Foreman.

It’s not just pastors offering support, nearly 4,000 people have signed a petition supporting the superintendent online.

“I think if it was one of us or anybody in the community they would want the support and so I would say that he feels great to know that you have some people supporting you and not judging you at this particular time before all the facts are really presented,” said Pastor Bryan Dalco with One Fellowship Church.

The pastors and community members will meet again on Monday at 6:30pm at Carver Park Baptist Church before the special school board member meeting on Tuesday to hear from Dr. Nelson himself.

So far, he has not been placed on any type of leave.

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