A look at Central Texas inmate transportation services


FOX 44 is taking a look at how other Central Texas jails use transportation services similar to the one used to bring Cedric Marks to Texas from Michigan.

On Sunday, Marks was under Texas Prisoner Transportation Services’ custody when he escaped from a private van in Conroe, located north of Houston.

McLennan County Jail Administrator Capt. Ricky Armstrong says on average, they transport up to a thousand inmates each year.

“We also have three officers that we rely on to do the other transports, usually within a day trip,” Armstrong said.

MCSO says they’ve used Texas Prisoners Transport Services. Typically only with low-level offenders. 

“There is not a specific contract we have with them. It falls under the regulatory amount that we have to have a contract,” Armstrong said. “We are not stuck using them. We can use any transport service but we’ve tend to have good luck with them in the past.”

The inmates McLennan County has brought in that are out-of-state inmates considered non-violent and non-aggressive. In high-profile cases involving murder, Armstrong says they would reconsider using a private service like TPTD.

“We would probably send two to three officers and transport that individual by themselves,” Armstrong said. “Whether that be flight or in car. It depends on where we are at.”

Armstrong says they determine inmate transport on a case by case basis 

“You never know what these individuals are capable of and when we are transporting them,” Armstrong said. “We do everything we can to keep the community and the state of Texas and our other states safe while transporting them and these individuals.”

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