A Look into the Mind of a Serial Bomber

WACO, Texas - People in Austin are understandably afraid now that police have linked a fourth explosion to the serial bomber terrorizing the city.    

Dr. John Baughman is a mental health counselor at McLennan Community College who says they have every right to be. 

"The empathy that we would expect a human to have is totally absent," Baughman says. 

Baughman has over 20 years of experience as a counselor, including analyzing the minds of criminals at Gatesville Prison. 

"That person is looking at the victim or victims as objects. They are no longer seeing a human being involved in it," Baughman says.

According to the counselor, the majority of those capable of carrying out such atrocities don't have a record of mental illness. 

"They don't trust people. They are usually very isolated, doesn't communicate the way they used to do, has a lot self esteem issues," Baughman says.

Baughman describes the Austin bomber as a calculated criminal who has made himself believe there is a good reason for his deadly actions.

He sympathizes with Austin residents who won't have peace until this nightmare is over. 

"Everyone is afraid whenever we are at the school. And now with these bombings, we are afraid. You know, what if someone bombs here?," says Austin resident Kimberly Quiroz-Negron.

The counselor also reminds everyone that words matter. So if you hear someone making threats verbally or on social media, you should call police immediately.

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